Friends 观后感英文版

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Friends 观后感英文版


Friends 观后感英文版

By the audience as a favorite sitcom,"Friends" wonderful life is not only from its original ecology of reproduction.Although the "Friends" has all along strictly follow the U.S.sitcom's basic rules:Each episode will be the climax of the story set off in a half-hour time limit attributed to calm.From the production point of view,we not only can not find any particular place,but it will be able to behave with a lack of new ideas to describe it.However,"Friends" is not your imagination as boring mediocrity.Just watch an episode,no one can escape from good to be true to the story,the story of one climax after another,and all kinds of guest star of the "fatal temptation." Especially those who easily and people with humorous,contains a unique "American" humor,is lovely.

"Friends" was a welcome one because it is fully equipped with consumption of Good quality,and more importantly,in constant laughter,it let us see another like us ordinary life,all kinds of Because of the emotions,principles,interests and status issues such as conflict,create a joke at the same time,family,friendship,love is here sublimation."Friends" has virtually become a mirror of everyday life,so that we can learn from life,to enjoy life and those of The Sound of Music.

Friends 观后感英文版

i love tv play called friends beyong any words now,maybe i am addicted to it to some extent as i learn a lot usefull things from it.

this is a story of six people:monica who is never willing to lose to anyone or anything and have a strong desire of controlling ,rache who is an inexperienced princess coming from a rich family , ross ,the honest and most royalty man and chandler who is rather humor and wit beside quite charming,i like him most among those people. we also admire phoebe of her odd and attractive character, and last is our innocent big boy joey who is very lovely. the affection between friends all the way including success and failure of their career, and the joys and sorrows in their life always affects each other truthfully. they treat each other just like family is just the ordinary little things sharing in their daily life that become the most moving part in our heart.

actually, the original purpose i watched the friends play was just to improve my listening skills, after all,it’s classics without any doubt.but now, i gradually fell in love with this program, when meetting some more surprise or accident moments, i would unconsciously figured out

"wow" ,and sometimes i even involuntarily sang the song: "smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feed you?" oh, and that classic words "my

god!" the friendship and understanding between them moved me a lot, they understood each other, willing to contribute to friends without any pay, sincerely stood in their friends’ point to consider for each other.

from them, i also learn to be tolerance and understand my friends in my life, learn to not to be competitive with each other for trifles any more

and also no longer get angry for other’s bad friend gives me a lot and witness my growing’s very meaningful and successfull.

i really have the impulse to watch it again from beginning to end. as netizens says, the united states people come along with friends for ten years, we certainly will not just as the fans in the united states who have more profound friendship, but the love and friendship reflected in it also impressed us deeply, even affected my way of thinking. for me, friends is not only a tool to learn english but also it teaches me a lot. i will miss the six men forever.they are my friends and tell me how to treat others!

section two:

i like chandler m. bing, a most handsome man. the reasons are as follows:

"could it be any longer?"once hearing these words, we all know that the guy is our famous chandler coming. every time his appearance on the scene is rather interesting,funny and the important point is sunny, which easily makes a deeply impression on us that this guy just likes the

neighborhood child who is pretty kind-hearted and warm. no one’s humor in the friends can compare with him,so can his temperate

character. whenever confronted with a frozen situation, he always jumps out to break the ice into a harmonious atmosphere again in an ironic way by laughing at himself as soon as possible,how smart and charming a man he is!

i also deeply appreciate him.

we can witness that in the past he ,just a little hippie wearing the hat now become more and more mature little by little when living with his dear wife monica.the most moment that moves me a lot is that he spends all his savings on the wedding between monica and he which his wife has well planned in her heart all her life,which express his will that he can let her be happy forever.when informed that he has no ability to have a child ,he even asks his colleagues for sperm donor. maybe the reasons why many people are into him are that he just has a father who is a sexy dancer on las vegas and a mother who is devoted herself into writing pornographic novels,because he is really real and more close to us in our daily life, even sometimes his innocent smile makes us feel so warm and so comfortable. so, i am attracted by his good points and getting lost in his nice temperament.

he is quite unique in all aspects.

it’s obvious that his attitude to life is different from anyone in this play. rachel and ross both have a complex life, monica sequentiallly keeps warm-hearted to life and enjoys it as much as possible,while phoebe has weird temper and also has novel ideas and his roommate joey is rather

simple and pure as a lovely big child. chandler m. bing is not in common with them to life, he has a bit self-abased psychology, covering up his inner world with self-mockery.however when his friends are in trouble, he would do anything he can do to get them through, which should be highly spoken of. chandler treat joey better than a brother ,at least much

better than their parents, he does not care for joey’s all kinds of cost, board and lodging and he is willing to share in his anguish whenever in need, he is so obsessed monica that his uneasy and excited mood is

vividly expressed when when monica takes refuge in him when he's in excellent a man he is!after marrige, in order to support his family, even he is willing to give up his love ads career and return to a job which he has worked for years ,by the way no one can say exactly what kind of high-paying job is.we just know that chandler has a great spirit of sacrifice.

chandler is also very cute which makes us happy all the time. maybe the deepest impression is that he is wearing a pink bunny with innocent expression on his face during the halloween party, with

despaired feeling and shouting "always no bonnie at all!" then he and ross are going to have a arm-wrestling and he intentionally loses to him,what’s worse,everyone unexpectly believes that false result.of

course, it’s inevitable that he sometimes is considered as gay which will make him embarrased. when seeing his lovely and innocent expression, i just can’t help intending to ask him "why do you always get hurt?" he always says oh - my - - - god throughout the play.

this is chandler, a lovely and generous spoony devoted person. i can't help holding myself, just like him all the way.

Friends 观后感英文版

This winter holiday, I have watched the extremely fantastic American teleplay 《Friends》,which is so popular to a high degree that it is one of the most welcome situation comedy in the world.The plot is closely developed with six main protagonists, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler. Their friendship is the basis of the story, as well as the whole - length main thread, connecting all the drama story.

As we all know, one resultful way for human beings to express their feelings is to enjoy the humor, which also becomes a important topic in pragmatic study that how the human system itthe purpose to promote audiences to understand and enjoy the humor.

Surely it should be obvious to the spectators, that the conversations are always so funny as to make people cannot stop laughing. Chandler's acerb jokes, Monica's self-mockery, Phoebe' strange words, Joey' stupid utterance, and so on, that inevitably make us roll in the aisles. Not only the language humor, but also the action humor is the feature of this comedy. We are likely to see Phoebe' odd movements every day, Ross and Monica's exaggerated new year dance and Joey' clumsy and stupid behaviors in the drama. Factually, their inopportune talks and actions are actually the humor feature. No one can refuse the joy it brings.

Except the humor ,we are also supposed to contemplate the emotion topic the play conveys. Indeed, just as we enjoy the humorous plot, it occurs to us their deep friendships in the same time. They satirize each other, they quarrel without a break, and their personalities are quiet different, but they can't lose anyone of them, as well as their friendships are more and more deep with time going by. Generally speaking, though the six protagonists make fun of their own life and other's drawbacks without hesitation, they put whole their hearts into the friendships between them. Based on their mutual trust and respect, finally, they get on well.

And another thing I have learned from this play is the cultural differences between China and America. It is not the same between the two countries, when it comes to the view of family affection. One situation in the drama leaves me a pretty deep impression. When Ross' grandparent passed away, all the family members and friends participate the funeral. During the boring funeral, men watch the ball competition, while women talk happily, which makes me surprised,as it seems that they are not so sad. Afterwards, I understand that Americans do not have the same family hierarchy sense as Chinese. They treat other people including relatives and friends more equally. So when it refers to the view of friend affection, they are also more optional. They respect their friends' lifestyles and are unwilling to put their own opinions on them. Instead, individuals would like to consider more for friends and give tips to them in China. There are huge differences in American and Chinese culture.

Above are my reviews on 《Friends》, I definitely think it is a nice play ,and I learned a lot from it.

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