Mothers Day英语作文

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  在学习、工作或生活中,大家都写过作文,肯定对各类作文都很熟悉吧,作文根据体裁的不同可以分为记叙文、说明文、应用文、议论文。那么你有了解过作文吗?以下是小编收集整理的Mothers Day英语作文,欢迎阅读,希望大家能够喜欢。


  When my mother was a gentle, noble and beautiful princess. But the evil, than a witch and horror one hundred times, comparable with the tiger. At this time, my skin to tighten a little, dont bother her, just hide, lest suffer.


  She and her fathers age, two people are very similar. It is good to me, all the stars in the sky will be for me to pick, but evil, dont treat me as a baby son, almost no one.


  We all love to sing "my mothers eyes" this song, my mothers eyes like stars in the sky, but my mother look sharp knife is sharp, than, as long as she is with the eyes staring at me, I will.


  My mother speaks like boys, hoarse bass, although her face is very beautiful, if her voice is perfect, that is the whole universe have no particular mother.


  My mother do the housework very hard, but she has a fear of. The most afraid of mice, rats, whether it is slight, black rat, guinea pig, I fear, with Tinker Bell can be sworn. However, only a mouse she not afraid, you guess! "Mouse" "hamster", she played can be great, brave.


  My mother is very love me, will give me what I want, but often repeat, do not repeat the words, I would be more happy.


  Thank you for your! Dear mom! When your son really happy Oh!

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