my friend 英语作文80

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my friend英语作文80范文。小编为大家推荐下文。希望可以帮助到你。快快来看。


My friend is Billie Jaen. She has short hair. She has two big eyes and a small mouth. She is tall and thin. She lives on the tenth floor of a tall building. There are five people in her family.

Xiao Yi likes to do sports. She likes to play badminton and volley ball. Her favourite color is pink. Her favorite food is fish and vegetables, because they are healthy. Her hobby is reading books and riding a bike.

 She often plays the computer or goes shopping on the weekend. Sometimes we go to KFC together. We go there by car.


Everyone has his own good friend. So do I.My best friend is Lilei.He is 16 years old . He has a round face with big eyes. And he looks very tall and thin.

In our spare time we often play football together because we both like sports. Besides,he is good at not only English but also maths,but I am weak in maths.So he often helps me with it after school.

I still remember that he was ill last week and couldn`t go to school.So I went to his home to help him with his lessons after school every day.He felt very happy.

I think good friends should not only help each other but also share happiness and sadness together.I believe that"A friend in need is a friend indeed.


My good friend, she is a humorous, lovely and helpful person, she has a head of black hair, small eyes, small nose and a big mouth, she studies very well, starting from the first grade, she is the monitor of our class and my best friend, she is not tall, but very love to help others, outside, she is our happy fruit, in class, she is our good monitor, the teacher's good helper, we all admire to her.

Remember once, I told her to go out to play outside, close to noon, we sat down to dinner he found a small restaurant, we want a bowl of plain rice, have never thought, the bowl of rice topped with a lot of pepper, spicy I drink water, she also ate a few bites, go buying a cup of sundaes, she just eat half bowl, he said to us the men of the table, don't eat rice, chicken, otherwise, you can't, so had been said has been said, had we had two and a half hours to finish eat, listen to our advice, those who had no point of that kind of rice noodles.

We are on the way back, talking about rice noodles is made at first sight, we talked all the way, the mouth did not stop, we have always said, said to her home to stop. Came into the room, she was the first rushed to the front of computer desk, began to play games with me, we were playing, she has been in my ear telling it how to how to play, there is no stop.

So we say again and spent the day, we are very happy, you guess who she is? She is the monitor of our class of small - small peach (TaoQianQian).

[my friend 英语作文80]

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