Three Days to See读书笔记

2019-07-15 读书笔记

  Alive, life is a treasure; strong to live in pain, but also a life of attachment to, to give up. However, people can support this life is a huge, stirring to force - the life force.

  Despite the fragility of life as a grass, being trampled on, before any wind, the rain-permanent wave hit. However, as long as there is the sense of survival and faith for their own and strive for their own lives while alive, I believe that one day, after it Kuanglan change for the weak force; more indomitable will of its own, to create the miracle of life!

  From ancient times, the power of this life inspired thousands of man-made life hard struggle. In the Ming Mingzhong, I really saw the birth of a miracle - Helen Keller.

  Well-known American writer Mark Twain said: "There are two Warren in the 19th century, is a Napoleon, is a Helen Keller." Her, and Helen Keller - a life in the dark but to human beings with To a bright woman. She not only for themselves in the dark looking for a bright future, no hope more of the world brought hope ... ... she was so desperate to human life and believe that fate can be used to change hands; to allow her to the sigh of human life can not grasp firmly believe that the fate of the people Life and death; she made to give up on themselves and the lives of people who understand the value of life! Helen, is the world's model of the human spirit to all; Helen, she is one of the world's a miracle!

  When I read, "If I have three days to the bright," I was pleasantly surprised is the third of seven out of curiosity. However, when I finished up this book every page in the precious, my heart is raging Peng Pai, is the melancholy million. It was brought to my surprise, it is moved, but also a powerful spiritual force shocked me. In the full 87 years to lose, silent, alone in the silent years, has a temper so brave, strong, tenacious will to live has a remarkable woman. For a normal person, for three days - that is, 72 hours, can become simply a matter of very few. But Helen, like three days to 30 years. If she can have a bright day, her heart and happiness to meet ... ...

  Who can imagine the face of her own young deaf and dumb and blind reality has also fallen, hot-tempered, for God's relentless and angry, but because she was a teacher, Sha Li-wen with the help of the right Up their optimism towards life, and rely on their desire for life and the pursuit of a bright, even miraculous rebound, but by then the only hold incredible power of the spirit to create more miracles! Day after day, the success of Helen, she finally succeeded! With her own hands to see the beautiful world, Cai Xuan heard in the world. Helen has also created a miracle ... ...

  Unfortunately, Helen's life and the suffering in the dark is the life I can not understand, but her life is never to give up the world's collective mind. May be 100 years, 1,000 years later, there will not be referred to Helen Keller, will be recalled that the President create a miracle of life, the life story of the short-term and valuable ... ...

  Helen's life is very short, it is also a pity. In the Mood for Love and those of us young people have a good time of youth, is wasted on it goes it? Helen Keller once said: "If I have a bright day, these three days I will be divided into three stages: the first day, I look at people and their kind-hearted, friendship and warm of heart, so that my life is worth too. No. Two days, I have to get up at dawn to watch the night into day moving miracle. On the third day, I would like in the real world, engaged in the daily lives of ordinary people through the middle of the day. "Helen of three days just so There is, in our time and also a lot of opportunities, you can create a better life. For us, not the bright hopes, the voice is not desirable and not resort. For us, there is no shortage of physical structure, we need is the will of the strong, not surrender to fate, the spirit of self-improvement! What is more important is to have a positive, optimistic and have the courage to create a miracle of the heart!

  For good or harm to the community in one study, the life of a miracle or not is wrong. God for giving us the eye, is let us see the world; God for giving us thought, let us change is a secular, so that a better spiritual world; and God for giving us his hands to let us embrace the future, to create the miracle of life!


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