Be Grateful To My Mother英语作文

2020-06-29 高考英语作文

  在学习、工作乃至生活中,大家都跟作文打过交道吧,借助作文可以宣泄心中的情感,调节自己的心情。那么一般作文是怎么写的呢?下面是小编整理的Be Grateful To My Mother英语作文,欢迎大家借鉴与参考,希望对大家有所帮助。

Be Grateful To My Mother英语作文

  There is no doubt that mother is the greatest person in the world. She gives us life and takes care of us all the time. No matter how old we are, we are always her babies in their eyes. As I grow up, I become responsible and feel the great burden of my mother. I am so thankful for the things she did for me.

  My mother has told many lies. For example, when we had dinner, she would tell me that she didn’t like to eat meat or wanted to lose weight, so she left the main dishes to me. When I asked her why she didn’t travel with her friends, she said she liked to stay at home. But now as I grow up, I see through her mind. She just wants to save money and leaves the best things for me.

  I know my mother’s lies, so sometimes I also will tell lies. For example, when she asked me if I needed to buy things or needed more pocket money, I would refuse and told her that I had enough things. The love my mother gives me makes me become stronger. I am so grateful to her.

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