This is my school英语作文

2020-06-20 高考英语作文

  在生活、工作和学习中,许多人都有过写作文的经历,对作文都不陌生吧,作文根据写作时限的不同可以分为限时作文和非限时作文。一篇什么样的作文才能称之为优秀作文呢?下面是小编收集整理的This is my school英语作文,希望对大家有所帮助。

This is my school英语作文

This is my school英语作文1

  My school is big and beautiful. There are two classroom buildings in my school. We have classes in the classroom. The classrooms are in the classroom building. There is a playground in my school. We have sports and play on the playground. There is a dining hall in my school. We eat lunch in the dining hall. There are a lot of trees and flowers in my school. I like my school very much.

This is my school英语作文2

  I'm a middle school student. I have many subjects at school, such as English, Chinese, math, history, art and P.E. English is my favourite subject, because it's so interesting and useful.

  I get up early and I'm never late for school. Every day we have classes, play basketball and play football. Sometimes we play games in class.

  I love my school life.

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