My friend (我的朋友)

2007-04-05 初中英语写作

My friend (我的朋友)1

I have many friends. One of them is my classmate Ma Hua.He is a League member and one of the best students in my class.He is fond of English and good at it. He often practises reading aloud. So he has a good pronunciation. He is always ready to help others. With his help I have made great progress. I have made up my mind to catch up with him and to join the League in the near future.

My friend (我的朋友)

My friend (我的.朋友)2

  my good friendi have a good friens,his name is zhou xiaoqiang.he is 15 years old.he likes play basketball and good at basketball.he is tall and thin.his studies is very good.all teacher like him.his favorite subject is math and english. his nose is very beautiful.i like him very much.

My friend (我的朋友)3

  My Friend

  Helen is my best friend. She is 12 years old. She is very beautiful. She has a long hair, big eyes and a small mouth. She can speak English very well. She likes painting and reading books. Her birthday is in August. Chocolate and ice-cream are her favorite food. She is lovely and smart. She is my best friend forever.



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