2007-04-05 托福英语


1. Cobalt resembles iron and nickel in tensile strength, appearance, ______.

(A) is hard

(B) although hard

(C) has hardness

(D) and hardness

2. _____ who was the first Black woman to run for the office of President of the United

States in 1972.

(A) Shirley S. Chisholm

(B) It was Shirley S. Chisholm

(C) Shirley S. Chisholm was

(D) When Shirley S.Chisholm

3._______ versatile performer, soprano Kathleen Battle has often concluded a program of

art songs and arias with selections from ragtime or popular music .

(A) A

(B) Which

(C) So

(D) Because

4. Before starting on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, ______and

memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might


(A) sailing directions are studied

(B) study the sailing directions

(C) to direct sailing studies

(D) studies direct sailing

5. ______ social nesting birds that built their nests in trees and on cliffs.

(A) The most storks

(B) Most are storks

(C) Most storks are

(D) Storks most

6. Plankton, ______, is the basic foodstuff for everything that lives in the ocean.

(A) comprise both minute marine animals and plants

(B) is the name given to minute marine animals and plants

(C) the collective name for minute marine animals and plants

(D) minute marine animals and plants collectively that

7. The best-known diffuse nebula is the great Orion Nebula, _______ can be seen by the

naked eye.

(A) one

(B) it

(C) which

(D) who

8. Of all the economically important plants, palms have been ______.

(A) the least studied

(B) study the least

(C) study less and less

(D) to study the less

9. Most amphibians hatch from eggs laid in water or moist ground, and begin

life _____ water-dwe

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